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IT systems are becoming more complex and expensive. Their importance and impact on the activities of many departments or even the entire company is also growing. Any intervention in their functionality without prior preparation, thorough knowledge of all contexts and dependencies can bring many unpleasant surprises. In some cases, such negative effects will not manifest until after a certain period of “trouble – free” operation.

Thorough analysis associated with the planned changes, whether it is the implementation of a new subsystem, the extension of an existing one or only an upgrade of a component, eliminates these “surprises” to a minimum.

Our specialists, in cooperation with your employees, will prepare a thorough analysis of the current situation and propose a solution or procedure leading to the completion of your requirements. They will be based on their rich practical experience with the operation of various systems in projects they have implemented and on the knowledge of a wide product portfolio of the world’s leading manufacturers.
Another area where it is possible to use the deep knowledge of our experts is addressing problems with routine operation. If your system is behaving abnormally, it’s time to thoroughly analyse the causes and find solutions that respect your environment and capabilities.

Are you planning to carry out an extensive project and would like to know if there is an alternative solution to fulfil the task? Development of a case study will help you familiarise yourself in the issue. Our experts identify goals and help you set priorities. Based on the findings, they will propose a solution based on their practical experience and knowledge of the market in the field.


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