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Almost everyone who works in the IT universe today has come across the concept of virtualisation, especially at the server virtualisation level. However, the area of ​​desktop virtualisation or the application virtualisation is gaining more and more attention.

It is typical for these projects to move the load from desktop PCs to the data centre. Here, especially, the performance of the used disk system fundamentally affects the resulting functionality of the entire solution. Unfortunately, application and desktop administrators usually do not have enough information about the performance needs of their projects. It is not possible to reliably design the key part owned by the disk system and choose a suitable architecture for performance acceleration without comprehensive knowledge of the whole concept and painfully gained experience.

System engineers from STORAGE ONE have been dealing with application virtualisation and VDI since almost the very beginning of this field and are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. Even if you decide to implement a VDI project with another company, do not hesitate to contact us for consultations on the design and performance of the disk system for these projects.

Our specialists are also available for consultations and other forms of cooperation with companies whose focus is on the subject of application virtualisation and VDI.


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