Data and storage protection


Today, few people dispute the importance of backup as a means of minimising the impact of risks. However, backup solves only half of the problem. What are terabytes of data in backups good for if their recovery fails? What are 10 versions of a customer database a day good for if it takes a week to restore? Why so much investment and effort if the necessary data is not available in the required time and quality?

After analysing your requirements and environment, our specialists will design a solution that provides the required data retention time and recovery speed, from large databases to the “office” files of your employees. We have experience with design and implementation of projects in environments of large corporations as well as small businesses and in government and non – profit organisations. Together, we will find the solution that will not be focused on just one product but will bring synergy from a combination of existing solutions in the area of data storage and specialised software. We fully integrate the solution into existing continuity plans. If continuity plans do not exist or are outdated, we will create new ones in cooperation with your employees.

We will provide training and systematic support related to the operation of the delivered solution to your employees responsible for data availability in all life phases of the project, or we can assume full responsibility for the operation and availability of the entire backup system.

For the operation of backup solutions, we also supply consumables and data, cleaning and WORM tapes for all types of backup technologies such as: LTO Ultrium, T10K Titanium, 3592 Jaguar, DDS, AIT, etc.

On request we will provide you with tape labelling and with specific barcodes by the manufacturer, and as one of the few, we also routinely offer custom production and supply of separate barcodes of various types, any data series, colour composition and orientation (including RFID technology).


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