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From the point of view of many users and unfortunately also some of their administrators, IT technologies are a black box that deliver functionalities, data or services. Usually, however, it is a complicated system interconnecting several devices, infrastructure layers and software. If the particular components of the entire system are not properly designed and configured, even a single element can cause degraded operation of the entire environment and devalue the investment.

We offer analysis of your environment, identification of components that create a so – called “bottleneck” and optimisation of system settings so that all parts work in optimal harmony. Sometimes even simply swapping cables or swapping data locations between various datasets will significantly improve the situation. Many times, our experienced specialists have solved the request for change completely differently than imagined by a customer who did not have sufficient information about their environment.

Will backups be accelerated when installing the latest tape drives?
Doubtful, if even the existing drive doesn’t get data from the source system fast enough.

Is it necessary to move to a faster backbone infrastructure?
If clients are connected by a slow line, the backbone has enough capacity, the central disk array has enough interfaces with speed that corresponds to the existing LAN, but not for higher speeds. Such an investment does not have the expected benefits.

Does the data on the way to its destination really have to travel via several servers over a slow LAN, or can it be redirected directly to a fast SAN?
Slow LAN is not a problem if the backups are incremental, and for the price of a LANfree licence, in some cases, the entire LAN could have been upgraded.

Based on the analysis, we are able to quickly find out the answers to these and similar questions and enable our customers to focus their investments on a place where they will bring real benefits.


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