IT services


Having top experts in all technologies of your information systems among your employees is a costly and, in some cases, very difficult task to achieve. The solution is the outsourcing of activities related to the operation of parts or even of the entire IT department.

We do not offer a complete relocation of all IT activities, but within our focus we provide outsourcing of specific parts of IT operations such as backup, data archiving, management and monitoring of data storage facilities, maintenance of documentation and regular DR tests, etc.

Our specialists can take full responsibility for the operation of assigned systems or only individual critical activities such as their management and data recovery, while routine administration can remain in your hands for better flexibility. You will gain many years of experience and extensive expertise of our specialists in areas that are not directly key in your core business, but at the same time the operation of your company is more or less dependent on them. We will solve specific problems that arise during operation for you. We will take care of routine daily administration. We will proactively draw your attention to the risks that may arise in the life cycle of your systems, and we will propose their solutions.


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