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Knowledge of the issue of solutions and technologies offered in storage, management and organisation of data is paramount for us, but it is equally important for us that our customers are able to operate these technologies and make full use of their potential.

We offer both certified training of leading technology manufacturers, as well as mostly special, tailor – made training focused on the requirements and needs of a specific customer. As part of our training, we try to pass on knowledge in such a way that the customer leaves not only knowing the product, but also gaining a broader understanding in the issues and can place the information obtained in the overall framework of their technological environment.

Our company employs highly rated experts in storing, managing and organising data, who know not only the topics they were trained in, but also other technological solutions and products. During presentations and training sessions, they can provide unbiased information with an overview and thus better explain the subject to the customer. We do not have the slogan “those who can’t teach”, because all our trainers also actively design, install and manage technology solutions themselves. You can also benefit from their practical experience through our courses.
Due to the individual format of teaching, we are very flexible in organising courses, both in terms of content and the place and time of training.


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